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Head of the family crime business, and with a new guy in her life, things have never been better for Scarlet Drew. Working with her aunt Lily on their biggest ever job – revenge on the woman who set fire to their factory, with Lily’s daughter trapped inside – Scarlet is suddenly dragged into the local police station to answer questions about the death of a local gangster. The face she sees across the interview table shocks her to her core. It’s her new boyfriend, John.Hours later, John is banging on Scarlet’s door, telling her he loves her and she can trust him. Can Scarlet risk believing the only man she’s ever loved, or is she putting her family in unthinkable danger?As the night of Lily’s plan draws near, the police come knocking once again. This time with evidence that could see Scarlet locked-up for good. Can they still pull off their biggest job yet, or has Scarlet made a fatal mistake and let John get one step ahead of them?




A book by this author is always such a treat. Even before I open it, I know I am going to love it and she delivers each and every time.

Her characters are not the most kind people except when it comes to family. They will always come first and most be protected no matter what or who they hurt or have to take revenge on in the process.

The boss of a gangland family is often a man, but don’t underestimate the ladies. They can be as cruel, as vicious as any man. So watch out for the families with a lady boss.

I love the scheming in these books. When you think the family is with the back against the wall, well…

This is true entertainment from the beginning until the last page and I never want the books to end. I just cannot get enough.

As I mentioned before, I was very sad when the previous series came to an end. I still miss Mr Tyler. Am I the only one… 😉

This author’s books want to make me read and read, because they are soo good. On the other hand I want to put them away sometimes to make the pleasure last, because they are soo good, but I cannot help myself. Once I start, I cannot seem to stop. 5 stars

Thank you, Emma Tallon and Bookouture.


About the author

Emma Tallon is a British author of gripping, gritty, organised crime thrillers and mother of two. Having started her writing career as a freelance ghostwriter, Emma finished her first novel, Runaway Girl, in 2016, and became an author full time. Since then she has written several other novels for her publisher and has carved out a successful career for herself from her home in Milton Keynes, where she can usually be found typing away in her office surrounded by large stacks of books and Post-it Notes full of ideas for future stories.


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