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Jessica is grieving for her beloved father, trawler owner Jacob Kingdom, when a heated confrontation ends with her being cast out from the family home and the revelation of a shameful secret. She falls upon the kindness of strangers and meets a charismatic trawlerman, who is proud to walk out with Kingdom’s daughter.

But with her cold-hearted brother at the helm of the family business, there is discontent rising, and being Kingdom’s daughter begins to lose its charm. With Jessica desperate to prove herself worthy to the tight-knit community, does she have what it takes to weather the storm to come, or will her secret hold her back?




Guest Post 

What inspires my writing?

Since an early age, I have been an avid reader. After WW2, my parents, who suffered countless bombing raids on their home, and losing their possessions, including books, began rebuilding a new home. The great escape for me was the local library. Here I could spend many happy hours, immersing myself in the never ending shelves of books on many subjects. But, being a minor, they only allowed me to take home junior books. My favourite when young was the Milly Molly Mandy books, by Joyce Lankester Brisley. I devoured the stories and loved Milly’s adventures, which rubbed off on me, sending me on my own adventures. With friends, I spent carefree days swimming in a creek, fishing for tiddlers, climbing trees, and chudding for apples. On Sundays, we cycled to the coast, played on the beach, swam in the North Sea and changed our clothes in the concrete building, which in WW2 was a lookout post to watch for the invading enemy. 

Moving on from my childhood reading, I graduated to history, in particular Kingston upon Hull, the city of my birth. I use the city and the surrounding towns and villages as the setting for my books, which has a wealth of history. Originally, named Wyke upon Hull until in 1299 when King Edward 1, granted it a royal charter that renamed the old town, Kingston upon Hull. Affectionately called Hull, it has many famous people: William Wilberforce MP renown for the abolition of slavery; Amy Johnson, pioneer pilot who flew solo from Britain to Australia; J. Arthur Rank founded the Rank Organisation whose films have entertained generations; Doctor Mary Murdoch, Hull’s first woman GP; popular singer David Whitfield; Dame Maureen Lipman renown actress; Francis Durbridge, who wrote the Paul Temple books and plays: the celebrity poet Phillip Larkin. Just some famous people of Hull. ull  

I concentrate my writing on the ordinary folk of our city, especially the women who during the two world wars and the years in between, showed great stoicism and courage.

I love researching: by reading many books, poring over old maps, and perusing the internet. The best gem is to speak to a person who witnessed the scene, which I am currently writing, their knowledge of the facts is invaluable. Thus I write with a sense of genuineness, which enables me to go deeper into the characters and the storyline.  

Writing is a passion, a fulfilment of my life to create stories and bring life to the characters who inhabit the layers of my imagination. My sole purpose as a writer is to create a book for you, my lovely readers, to enjoy

Thank you, Sylvia Broady and Rachel’s Random Resources.


About the author

Sylvia Broady was born in Hull and has lived in the area all her life, although she loves to travel the world. It wasn’t until she started to frequent her local library after World War II that her relationship with literature truly began, and her memories of the war influence her writing as does her home town. She has had a varied career in childcare, the NHS and the EYC Library Services, but is now a full-time writer.


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