The Lost Sister – Tracy Buchanan

For the first time in your life, your mother is about to tell you the truth…

When Becky’s mother Selma asks her to visit during her final days, she tells Becky her darkest secret.

When Becky was just eight years old, her mother left home to live with a strange and enigmatic man named Idris, shocking the neighborhood and disgracing their family. Becky has never forgiven her.

But what her dying mother tells her still shocks Becky to her core – that this affair had resulted in a child… that Becky has a sister.

As Becky struggles to process this information, she knows one thing for certain – she must find her missing sister. Even if it takes her on a journey that will force her to confront the darkest secrets and lies of her mother’s life… and her own.



My review

Both parents are important in your life, but a mother’s love is different. What if she suddenly decides to leave? The least you can say is that it has a big inpact on your future. When she discloses a big secret on her dying day, your world is suddenly upside down again. You simply have to find out what happend, don’t you …?

I can’t really describe what feelings the cover evokes in me, but it certainly made me want to read the book.
I liked the way the story was built. A mixture of the present and the past with Becky as main character in the first and her mother in the latter part.
Some segments were a bit to detailed for me, but nevertheless I was still intrigued. The more the story comes to an end, the more you are picked up by a whirlewind of emotions and revelations that leave you gobsmacked. 4 stars.

Thank you, Tracy Buchanan, Bookouture and Netgalley.


About the author

Tracy Buchanan lives in Buckinghamshire in the UK with her husband, daughter and their puppy, Bronte. She travelled extensively while working as a travel magazine editor, sating the wanderlust she developed while listening to her Sri Lankan grandparents’ childhood stories – the same wanderlust that now inspires her writing. She now dedicates her time to writing and procrastinating on social media.