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A young grifter steals an overcoat. As he discovers forty-thousand dollars in its inside pocket, the coat’s owners come after him. The action never stops as his pursuers seem to be both ahead and behind him at all times, killing and destroying everything in their wake to catch up with their money and the young thief.
Happy Hour is as breathless as writing can be

Knighton’s debut novella is accompanied by a selection of short stories that can run with the best of American Noir literature. It’s cold out there, folks


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About the author

Tony Knighton is a Lieutenant in the Philadelphia Fire Department, a twenty-nine year veteran.

He has published short fiction in Static Movement Online and Dark Reveries.

“The Scavengers” was previously published in the anthology Shocklines: Fresh Voices in Terror from Cemetery Dance Publications. “Sunrise” originally appreaded in the anthology Equilibrium Overturned from Grey Matter Press.


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