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The love of your life… or a deadly mistake?

It’s hard, meeting your ex after so much time apart. You remember the tears and accusations, the desperate look on his face as he punched the wall, but you try not to show it. You smile politely, even while your heart beats faster.

You watch as he looks down into the stroller, at the beautiful blond-haired blue-eyed baby kicking his little legs in the sunshine, whose innocent smile lights up your world.

You see his face change. You know what he’s thinking.

The next day he calls. His voice is shaking. He wants the truth. Is it his child?

You hesitate, your throat dry, good and bad memories swirling in your mind. You’ve missed him so much… but can you ever trust him again?

You decide that the most important thing is doing what’s right for baby Tom. But months later, when the sirens wail in the night, you have to admit: you never thought either of you would go this far…




One day you meet the love of your life. At least that’s how it feels. You are floating on a pink cloud. The world is a better place and it seems like the sun shines everyday.

Little by little though your eyes open and you see the truth. The pink cloud is turning into a dark grey one and you decide to leave to save yourself.

Time passes and suddenly you see that person you thought spending the rest of your life with again. Have they been keeping something live changing from you? You need to know and there is only one way forward: ask the question that is driving you crazy.

From that moment on everything changes for our main characters Sam and Naomi. Is it in a good or a bad way?

If you would ask Sam, he would definitely say in a very good way. The best even, in fact. Even though he has to deal with a very devastating event, he has his lovely girlfriend to stand by him, to pull him through.

If you would ask Naomi, she would definitely say in the best possible way. She has never felt better, because every day she comes a step closer to get the life she always dreamed of.

Love and marriage. They go together like a horse and carriage… That’s how the song goes. Let’s hope you did not pick a dark horse, because it can lead to the carriage going of the rails…

Lies, deceit, love, pain. These are a few of the emotions you will encounter in this great book. Some of the things that are going on, you can read between the lines. Believe me though, there is more.

A very captivating read. 5 stars

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About the Author

A former BBC Producer, S.E. Lynes has lived in France, Spain, Scotland and Italy and is now settled in Greater London. After completing her MA, she taught creative writing at Richmond Adult Community College for ten years. She now combines writing, mentoring and lecturing in Richmond Borough.


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