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A secret is a lie in the making.

A charming divorcee and his young daughter. The promise of a new life – together as a family, in an apartment in a historic building.  A fresh start – or the key to a nightmare?

Who will Willow believe – a young offender, or the love of her life?




A Caged Bird Sings

The epigraph at the beginning of my latest novel, Willow Weeps, is ‘How can the bird that is born for joy / Sit in a cage and sing,’ by William Blake. It’s taken from the poem ‘The Schoolboy’ from Songs of Innocence. When I listened to the audiobook Doing Time and when I read Going in With Flowers by Avril Joy I was inspired to create Lily’s character and give her a unique voice in the story through her stories.

Lily Lessing is a young offender with a talent for creative writing. While incarcerated, her English teacher abuses her and later, publishes her stories under his name. For Lily, writing provided a window out of the four walls. She writes about her dreams and her family, all tinged with the sadness of her actions leading to being charged after attacking her mother. Gradually, the reader learns about the motive behind the violence.

Extract from Willow Weeps. This is one of Lily’s stories.

When all this is over, we will wear the petals of deep pink magnolia and the scent of a hummingbird after it has tasted the finest flower. I will be better than I was before, watered at the roots so my reach is further, wider, to keep you safe; and robins, sparrows and wrens will perch on my arms knowing they are safe and loved, too. When all this is over, I will be evergreen, because I won’t even shed leaves or soft petals when I am sad.

            Little sister, I’ll throw a tapestry over the sun so you can catch up on lost sleep. I will stitch our names into the stars and inscribe our initials in the sand, on rocks, the barks of trees. I’ll make you a necklace from red berries and holly and a gown in the deep pink and red hues of a sunset. The hem will catch the clouds and drag them along in the opposite direction to where the wind­ wants to take them.

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About the author

Born in Cheshire, England, Louise studied literature at the University of Essex. As a teenager she read until the small hours, enjoying the darker worlds conjured by Stephen King and Daphne du Maurier.

Louise is the author of the bestseller, Rachel’s Garden, another psychological thriller and Distorted Days which Kirkus Review described as ‘a formidable work.’  Her chilling blend of the lyrical and the dark is themost gripping in her thrillers and horror.


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