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High on the clifftops, Lettie takes a deep breath of salty air and opens the letter. There is no signature, and the old-fashioned handwriting is faint against the yellowed paper. The message, and the tiny gold key inside, will turn her life upside down…

Lettie Starcross makes her way along the cobbled streets of Heaven’s Cove, clutching a little key and searching for answers about her kind, twinkly-eyed Great Aunt Iris, whom she misses terribly. With no job back home, and no-one in her family understanding how adrift she feels, Lettie wonders if her aunt was lonely just like her – is that why she fled this pretty seaside village years ago and never returned?

Staying at Driftwood House where Iris lived, now a cosy B&B, Lettie can almost hear Iris’s laughter on the breeze. And when she locks eyes with brooding fisherman Corey as he’s singing a haunting sea shanty in the local tavern, the sparks that fly between them are a welcome distraction from her grief.

But everything changes when Lettie meets Corey’s grandmother. Hearing the name ‘Iris Starcross’, her wrinkled face turns pale. Then she tells Lettie a devastating secret: seventy years ago, a choice Iris made tore apart this tight-knit community.

Heartbroken, Lettie questions if she ever really understood her beloved aunt – and if Corey knew about this shocking rift all along. So when her sister calls begging her to come home, Lettie is torn. If she stays to find what the key unlocks, can she discover the truth about what Iris did – and fight for her own fresh start? Or will she be the next Starcross woman to run from Heaven’s Cove forever?




Ahhh it’s great to be back in Heaven’s Cove and more particularly in Driftwood House.

I love the sea. I wish I would have a house overlooking this enormous ‘bowl’ of water. It must be great falling asleep while listening to the gentle lapping of the waves on the beach or the angry pounding of them against the cliffs like there is no tomorrow while you are tucked up safely.

The sea can be very inviting, but she is not really to be trusted completely. She has a lot of hidden dangers too.

In the previous book the author introduced us to Rosie and explained her story to us. Now Lettie is in the spotlight and it seems like Rosie was not the only one connected to the last house before the sea.

The past brings her here. Will the future keep her there too or is it back to the drawing board?

This is a lovely story about finding a balance between helping others and being good to yourself too, about righting some wrongs, building a friendship for life and love of course, because a feel good book without love would be like a sea without water. 😊

Often you already know real soon who is going to fall for whom, but it’s never straightforward. The road from one heart to another is more than once very winding.

This is a very enjoyable second part of the series. 5 stars

Thank you, Liz Eeles and Bookouture.


About the author

Liz began her writing career as a journalist and press officer before deciding that she’d rather have the freedom of making things up as a novelist. 

Being short-listed in the Corvus ‘Love at First Write’ competition and the Novelicious search for a new women’s fiction star gave Liz the push she needed to keep putting pen to paper …. and ‘Annie’s Holiday by the Sea’ (her first published novel) is the result. 

Liz lives on the South Coast with her family and, when she’s not writing, likes to spend time walking by the sea, and trying to meditate. Her ambition is to be serene one day …. she’s still got a long way to go.


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