The Little Book Café by Georgia Hill / #Review @georgiawrites

The Little Book Cafe # 1

Local estate agent Tash isn’t convinced about joining the new book club at Berecombe’s beautiful new bookshop and café. Dragged there by her friend Emma, she knows she needs a night out. Her boyfriend Adrian is wonderful, and adores her, but has become a bit clingy of late. So when she is introduced to new local farmer Kit, with his scruffy beard and low-key look, its’s a breath of fresh air to chat to someone so un-Adrian. Maybe this book club idea could be fun after all!

But when Tash starts forgetting things and behaving oddly, over-protective Adrian is determined to keep her from her new interest. But if bookclub has taught Tash anything, she should know not to judge a book by its cover…




This is the first part in a series where the author treats us to Tash’s story. 

Tash was not the most likeable person, but I can understand her. She is not happy and when you don’t feel good, you snap people’s head off. Do I agree with this behaviour? No, I don’t but I see where she comes from. The best solution is to get rid of the problem, but that’s not always so easy either.

When you had an unhappy youth where you were often bullied and nobody paid you any attention in a positive way, it seems like heaven on earth when someone lavishes you with presents and attention. You bask in it and you feel like the most loved and important person on the planet. Wanting to know where someone is every minute of the day has to mean that you matter a lot or is it more a question of manipulation and being kept on a tight leash?

From an unsure person you transformed into someone confident, but is that still who you are?

Some people can escape, others will be taken prisoner for the rest of their lives…

It’s devastating to see how someone can make you or break you. 
I liked this story where the bad one gets what he deserves, old friends sticking by you and new love finds you. 4 stars

Thank you, Georgia Hill


About the author 

Georgia Hill writes warm-hearted and up-lifting contemporary and timeslip romances about love, the power and joy in being an eccentric oldie and finding yourself and your community. There’s always a dog. It’s usually a naughty spaniel of which, unfortunately, she has had much experience. Her books are firmly rooted in small seaside towns similar to the one she lives in and she loves history especially when it insists on rearing up and battering at the present.

As a child she had an invisible friend called Gonky who lived on the third stair from the bottom. As an adult her invisible friends inhabit her head and refuse to leave until she commits them to paper. Readers of her books can escape into a cosy world of words and, no matter what challenges her characters face they will, ultimately, have a happy ending.


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