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Pursuing Harriet was only ever meant to be a limited thing. I made an unconventional proposition, keen to reintroduce her to the male body after her long abstinence of all things bedroom – related.

She’s guarded, complicated and has possessed my mind.

One night is not enough. 

And then there’s this deranged woman  –  Betty – messing up my phone with text after text, calling me emotionally redundant and questioning my abilities in the bedroom.

I call her a shrew. It wasn’t nice of me, but she’s not exactly behaving herself either. 

I didn’t believe in serendipity, in twists of fate where worlds collide, delivering up your soulmate. But I make a discovery, a cosmic, fated intervention that’s impossible to ignore.


Ever since my brother died, I’ve been texting his old number, desperate to feel close to him. But then out of the blue, a stranger – Ted – replies. 

He’s seriously unimpressed with the messages and updates that bombard his phone, so I fire off a text or three, telling him exactly what I think of him!

Around the same time I meet the smoulderingly sexy Lowell Winters, a heart surgeon renowned for his cold, vacant heart.

Despite his devastating good looks, I’m not looking for a memorable hook-up. And I’m definitely not looking to lose my heart. But after his direct and dirty proposal, I agree to spend a night in his bed.

One night leads to another, then another, our time together Off. The. Charts.

And then I uncover something that turns the world on its head. That has the stars colliding. That makes me rethink everything.



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About the author

I loved reading romance books so much, I started to write my own. Featuring my own personal swoon-worthy book boyfriends with killer bods/smiles/moves and playful banter, hopefully, you’ll enjoy these heartfelt stories too. 

I live in Norfolk, England and write stories with heat, heart and happily ever after. 


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