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D.I. Lottie Parker #9

The words blurred as she read the note. She could feel her blood turning to ice. ‘Before you make the biggest mistake of your life, meet me. If you don’t, her blood will be on your hands.

When Beth Mullen returns home, expecting to find her twin Rachel waiting for her, the silent house sends a shiver down her spine. She races upstairs to find her beautiful beloved sister cold in her childhood bed, her sparkling blue eyes closed forever, the morning after attending a glittering party…

Newly engaged Detective Lottie Parker knows that Rachel has been murdered the minute she enters the bedroom. Rachel’s neck is bruised and a shard of glass placed in her throat. Confronted with such a horrifying killing, Lottie wastes no time in pursuing every clue.

While interviewing the partygoers, Lottie discovers that Rachel’s handbag and keys are nowhere to be found. But as she is searching for them, a brilliant young doctor is found murdered with glass in her throat. The doctor was nowhere near the party and Lottie is forced to question everything. Two beautiful young women with the world at their feet have been brutally silenced. Why did the killer need them to die?

Desperate to find proof of what really happened to Rachel that night, Lottie gets close to the hostess of the party, whose two daughters were friends with Rachel. But Lottie’s hunt for the truth is getting under the killer’s skin, and when Lottie’s fiancé Boyd goes missing, will she be able to find him before it’s too late? Or will he too be silenced forever?




A new book in this fascinating series is like waking up on your birthday and looking forward to opening your gifts!

It’s book number 9 and I would not mind reading a hundred more of them with this great DI and her team.

She does not always follow the rules and she knows she should hold back, but she so wants to find the culprits that she does not want to spend too much time waiting. Every second counts and she is determined to use them all for the good cause.

The story starts on a happy note. An event fans have been looking forward to, but everything is soon turned upside down. Lottie has other fish to fry first.

That was one hell of an opening, but that’s not all. The author takes us a few years back and the past is the base for the present and the future. That’s not a problem of course in normal situations, but as you can imagine, this is not one of those.

Is the killer a man or a woman? That was the easiest part for me to determine. If you asked me for a name, well that’s where I missed the boat. 😊

A very complicated story, but crystal clear when everything was unravelled. 5 stars.

Thank you, Patricia Gibney and Bookouture


About the author

Patricia is the million-copy bestselling author of the DI Lottie Parker series. She yearned to be a writer after reading Enid Blyton and Carolyn Keene and even wanted to be Nancy Drew when she grew up. She has now grown up (she thinks) but the closest she’s come to Nancy Drew is writing crime!

In 2009, after her husband died, she retired from her job and started writing seriously. Fascinated by people and their quirky characteristics, she always carries a notebook to scribble down observations.

Patricia also loves to paint in watercolour and lives in the Irish midlands with her children.  


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