The Two Hearts of Eliza Bloom – Beth Miller

Meet Eliza Bloom: She likes to live life by the rules: long, blue skirt on Thursdays, dinner with mother on Fridays and if someone tells you a Valentine should be anonymous, give your new husband a blank card. Nothing is out of place in her ordered life…

But last night her teenage daughter found something in a hidden shoebox that no-one was supposed to see and started asking questions. Questions that might just change everything in Eliza’s carefully constructed world.

Join Eliza as she shows you how to run away with the love of your life (quite fast actually, as your family are coming after you), how to make your grandfather happy (this might involve a little bit of lying), how to let someone you love go (actually, this never gets easier) and how (now, this is a bad idea) to keep secrets from your new husband.

The only way to truly live is to learn how to open your heart.



My review

This book was quite an eye opener for me. I know that different religions have different rules, but I never realized how strict they could be. Well, maybe it’s not really true what I say, because they are strict to us but for them it’s only natural. For them it’s how it’s supposed to be, no questions asked. But there are rebels everywhere who don’t want to take everything for granted.

So we meet Aliza and when Alex come onto the scene he seems like the perfect escape route. Aliza can leave her old life behind and takes a step into ‘the real world’. Alex is very keen on showing her everything he loves and convincing her to try it as well. But which one is the real girl? Eliza or Aliza?

The author gives us the chance to follow Aliza. She lets us into her life where she is figuring out where she belongs. But does she have to choose or is there something like the golden mean? She goes back and forth and and past mixes with present. When a secret is revealed, it’s one more thing that adds to the pile of issues.

A story that shows that love between family and friends does not die when one person does something devastating and terribly wrong in the eyes of others. There might be a crack in the bond but it will never break completely.  4 stars.

Thank you, Beth Miller, Bookouture and Netgalley.


About the author

Beth Miller is the author of two novels and two non-fiction titles, including For the Love of The Archers. She has worked as a sexual health trainer, a journalist and a psychology lecturer and is now a mentor and book coach. Beth is a member of the Prime Writers, has a PhD in Psychology, and is a world class drinker of tea.


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