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The Secret to Finding Your Perfect

Paid to be an exact size six under contract, a professional model, starting from her late teens to her late forties, shares how she has maintained her exact measurements for decades. In an informal, uninhibited voice she explains how she focuses on how she feels enabling her to eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants, while maintaining her body’s natural size and how you can too!

This intimate guide encompasses all of her healthy lifestyle habits around nutrition, fitness, skincare, and wellness and includes insider secrets into the fashion world where she was paid to be “perfect.”

Whether you’re a size two, size 22, or any other size, her tips can help you find and maintain YOUR PERFECT!





I am a body twin, a nearly identical match, to a lifeless mannequin form that clothing manufacturers use to make clothes fit in mass retail. Being measured and discovered to match measurements and body type to the fit form I’ve modeled alongside throughout the years was how I became paid to be “perfect.” We – the form and I – measure the same on most measurements from our head circumference to our ankles. And I’ve maintained my body measurements under contract from my twenties to my late forties within tolerance of a quarter of an inch plus or minus.

My stories are based on these experiences working in the fashion industry as a model and specializing as a standard size six contemporary fit model – a niche in the world of fashion modeling – to show you exactly how, other than pregnancy and shortly thereafter, I have kept my body within a quarter inch of the same measurements for years while eating whatever I want without stress or guilt. Whether you’re a size two or a size 22, know that what I share can be applied to ANY and ALL sizes, shapes and ages. The message beyond the fit model statistics provided throughout for context is body positivity for everybody and every body.

To achieve consistency your measurements and weight will not be absolutely exact from day to day. There is a range on the scale of a little bit bigger and a little bit smaller that we all vacillate between as absolute exact weights and measurements are not humanly possible. The point is to eliminate the extremes as well as to find pleasure in the one thing you will do every day you’re on this beautiful earth, eat.

Consistency is only one part of the story. True contentment and happiness will never be found on a number on a scale. Though having the knowledge to naturally create this consistency is freedom – freedom to NOT obsess about your weight so that you have time to focus on all the best that life has in store for you. If that’s your goal you’re in the right place.

The first section, Part One: The Secret to Finding Your Perfect, provides a glimpse into the world of fit modeling to explain how I came to the knowledge around consistency of my own weight and measurements and how that led to what I do today before sharing my habits around nutrition, fitness, skin care and wellness to help those of all ages and sizes find their own perfect.

Part Two, The Fit Model Manual, shares detailed insider information for those who dream of getting into the business and ask “How can I become a fit model?” I reveal how I got my big break into modeling and everything I’ve learned about the business throughout the years. Part two is my pay it forward for the amazing career I’ve been fortunate to have had over my decades-long modeling career.

Before I begin, know that my way is one way, but there are many other routes to take. You may align with me 100%, or you may take a little from my story, or you may have your own completely unique path to follow. Whichever path you take, this book is about using my stories to work with what mother nature gave YOU to be your best self and find YOUR PERFECT. Yours alone which may be entirely different from the “perfect” I share altogether.

And while I have been paid to be “perfect” I am NOT perfect. What does that even mean anyway – to be perfect? Think for a minute of how miraculous it is that we are even here on this planet. How often do

we think about the fact that we are hurtling through space while our beautiful earth journeys around the sun right at this very moment as we go about our day to day? Or how amazing it is that our ancestors’ fastest sperm made its way to the egg creating each generation of us in perfection? Despite the first line of this paragraph, all of us, here, now are perfect simply because we exist.

The contradiction occurs because we generally think of the word perfect in the way of flaws, which of course everyone has and I am no exception. This book is not about striving to be absolutely perfect which does not exist. It’s about helping you find or finetune your own unique path that only you can create – the path that’s perfect for you. It’s about making mistakes along the way without judging ourselves because that’s how we learn, grow and truly discover what perfect looks like in our own lives. It’s about appreciating those inevitable bumps in the road, knowing that the growth will fuel our ever-evolving potential. It’s about acceptance of wherever you land in life, knowing deep down that it’s all a part of the process even when you don’t particularly like where you are, because the feeling that something is off is the only way to become aware that it’s time to make some changes.

So yes, it’s technically true that nobody is perfect. However the dichotomy remains that it’s also true that we are ALL perfect exactly as we are, exactly where we should be, at exactly the right time. And maybe…this book landed in your hands at the perfect time for you!

Thank you, Heather Mathes and RABT Book Tours 


About the author

Heather Mathes began modeling in 1988. She continued modeling professionally after graduating from the Ohio State University with a B.S. in Marketing in 1993 before signing her first contract fit modeling with a major national retailer in 1996. After a 10-consecutive-year fit modeling contract, as well as modeling for other companies outside of her contract, she retired to become a mom in 2008. She then came out of retirement in 2016 at the age of 46 to continue fit modeling for the same company at the exact measurements she was in her twenties, not because she was under contract, but because she had developed health and wellness methods that kept her weight from fluctuating. These methods and more are what she shares in her book Paid to Be Perfect. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, her son, and her dog.


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