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The brave, burning with fire, harnessed the Dragon’s Rage….

As the Dragon Heir, seventeen-year-old Kaia inherited the power of flame to protect her homeland from a godlike necromancer’s undead army. But after centuries of peace, the necromancer has faded to myth, and the Dragon Heir is feared by the people. Persecuted and cast out, Kaia struggles to embrace and control her seemingly useless gift while confined to her family’s farm.

But when the necromancer’s undead terrorize the land once again, Kaia runs away to join the battle.

With the help of her childhood rival, the handsome Shadow Heir, and a snarky, cursed cat, Kaia must figure out how to control both her fire and her confidence in time to save Okarria. If she fails, she will sacrifice her family, her new friends, and the enchanting world she has only just begun to see.

And time is running out.

I host a spotlight for this book as part of the 2021 BBNYA competition and the BBNYA tours organised by the TWR Tour team. 

BBNYA is a yearly competition where Book Bloggers from all over the world read and score books written by indie authors. If you are an author and wish to learn more about the BBNYA competition, you can visit the official website http://www.bbnya.com or twitter @bbnya_official. 

The sign-ups will soon be open for the 2022 BBNYA competition, be it for authors to enter their books, or for bloggers wanting to be part of the new panel, so keep your eyes peeled!!



Spotlight Post

Thank you, Hayley Reese Chow and Write Reads Tours 


About the author

Hayley Reese Chow is the author of Odriel’s Heirs, the 2020 winner of the Florida Author Project. She also has short and flash fiction featured in Lite Lit One, The Drabble, Bewildering Stories, Teleport Magazine, and Rogue Blades Entertainment’s anthology, As You Wish.

Until recently though, she’s mostly done a lot of things that have nothing at all to do with writing. Her hat collection includes mother, wife, engineer, USAF veteran, reservist, four-time All American fencer, 100 mile ultramarathoner, triathlete, world traveler, book inhaler, and super nerd.

Hayley currently lives in Florida with two small wild boys, her long-suffering

husband, and her miniature ragehound.

But at night, when the house is still, she writes.


Author Link

Twitter & Instagram : @HayleyReeseChow




Book Links

https://www.amazon.ca/Odriels-Heirs-Hayley-Reese-Chow-ebook/dp/B0838R4DTB  (Canada)

https://www.amazon.com/Odriels-Heirs-Hayley-Reese-Chow-ebook/dp/B0838R4DTB (USA)

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Odriels-Heirs-Hayley-Reese-Chow/dp/1652953302  (UK)



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