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Will Parks needs to man up.
A man stands. A man fights. A man bleeds.
These are the first lessons you learn in a town where girls are objects, words are weak and fists
do the talking.
Will's more at home in the classroom than the gym, and the most important woman in his life is
his gran. So how can a boy who's always backed away from a fight become the hero who saves
the day?
Because a disaster is coming. One that Will can prevent. But only if he learns the most important
lesson of all: sometimes to step up, you have to man down.



Spotlight Post

Thank you, James Goodhand and Write Reads Tours 


About the author

James lives in Surrey with his wife and newborn son.
He took up writing three years ago. A mechanic by day, much of his work has been written at an
oil stained workbench whilst ignoring a queue of broken cars in need of his attention.
James is also a keen musician, regularly gigging as a rhythm & blues pianist.

James’ debut YA novel, Last Lesson, tackling teen mental illness and toxic masculinity, was
published in spring 2020 by Penguin Random House Children’s.


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Twitter: @goodhand_james



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