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Some people will do anything to keep a secret.

Nicole feels like she’s finally in a good place. She’s a successful therapist in a loving relationship with her partner, Pablo. And she has a good relationship with her ex-husband with whom she shares custody of her beautiful son, Ben.

But life wasn’t always so sweet.

A couple of years ago, she was stalked by a troubled client, a hugely stressful experience, and one of the main reasons her short marriage ended.

Nicole picked herself up again, determined to put the past behind her.

But when she takes on a new client, inexplicable things start to happen. And soon it looks very much like someone is out to get her – again. At first, she wonders if she can really be going through this for a second time. Maybe, scarred by the trauma of the past, she’s just imagining it? As events get ever stranger and more terrifying, she realizes the threat is very real and she needs to find out who is behind it.

But as Nicole draws closer to the truth, she realizes it’s more horrifying than anything she could ever have imagined.

And she knows, if she is to survive, she must find the courage to uncover… The Secret.




A while ago I had the opportunity to read another book by this author. I enjoyed it a lot and when I had the change to review this one, I jumped on the occasion.

Hands up if you don’t have a secret. I guess everybody has one or more. Some are small and even maybe a little silly. Others though are on a different level.

It’s those the owner wants to keep hidden by all means. They don’t care who they hurt in the process. As long as they stay in the clear that’s all that matters.

In comes Nicole. She has been through a lot in the past and she feels like she has been able to leave it behind. Well, more or less anyway, because you can never forget about this completely. She does everything she can to make the best of it and she seems to succeed.

Until that one day when she fears the nightmare has come back. Is it the same person? What has triggered this behaviour? Are they trying to scare her? If they are, they are doing an incredible job. Or is scaring her, only the beginning of something a lot more sinister?

Nicole knows what she has to do: dig until she uncovers the truth. The deeper she delves, the more desperate the baddie becomes. Until it escalates…

My goal, when reading thrillers, is to unleash the detective in me. I am always looking for clues and trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. Sometimes (read hardly ever 😉 ) I manage to unravel everything. This time I had something right: the gender of the baddie. 😊 Better than nothing, right? 😊

A great story! The author succeeded in giving me goosebumps too and that’s what a thriller should do: reel the reader in and keep them captured between the pages of the book. 4 stars.

Thank you


About the Author

Kevin is a Guidance Counselor by day and a thriller author during his off hours. He puts an original slant on some common experiences and creates engaging stories with a personal twist. Kevin lives in Ireland with three great kids and a wife who makes him laugh, which is really all he could ask for.



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