The $22.50 man by Richard Voorhees/ #SpotlightPost @RichVoorhees

The Genji Trilogy #2

“We want you….”

John Still applies for a job at some film operation in Midtown to work as a sound editor. But after the interview, which includes a hearing exam, they tell him no dice.

Since it’s still the Depression, and the pavement in New York is a helluva lot hotter than the job market, he decides to plot his next move inside the confines of a shady bar.

As he’s sipping a beer, decidedly let-down, some flatfoot settles himself on the stool next to him and says simply “We want you….”

He’s a wanted man, after all. For his hearing. The police are hiring informants—to drive cabs, eavesdrop, and report back. The cop says it pays $22.50 a week.

Is a former rumrunner, like John Still, the right guy for the job? Depends how he looks at it. Depends on the job.



About the Author

Voorhees earned his English degree from Dartmouth College, graduating summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. He graduated with Highest Honors in the major, writing a senior thesis on T.S. Eliot and Charles Baudelaire. He did graduate work in Film Theory at Paris III (Censier) in conjunction with University of California at San Diego. His primary area of study was American Film Noir. He has worked as a financial journalist, video editor, filmmaker, screenwriter, lexicographer, and French/English translator. His film, “Proust + Vermeer,” premiered at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. 


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